WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- A study from the Southern Poverty Law Center, a nonprofit political organization, found that over half of teachers report that the kids in US feel anxiety now that President Trump has taken office.

The problem is the most prevalent among Muslims, immigrants, and children of immigrants. Local therapist Anita Gandhia-Smith says kids take on their parents’ anxiety.

What can you do? It's best to talk to your child openly and honestly. They are likely hearing rumors and gossip in school.

Ghandia-Smith suggests reassuring your kids and telling them that it is going to be ok.

"There is an element of having basic trust in the system and in the universe," said Ghandia -Smith.

"Help your children understand that the system has worked for a long time. There are lots of checks and balances."

Mayor Muriel Bowser and other mayors all over the country, have come out and said that D.C. will continue to protect immigrants.

Madeline Albright is the latest prominent figure to come out and say she will register as Muslim if there is a Muslim registry, so Muslims do not feel alone. If your child is struggling with anxiety, here are a few resources that can help:



If you want to contact Dr. Anita Gandhia-Smith: http://www.fromaddictiontorecovery.com/