A new study looks to use data to pinpoint the most dangerous intersections in the city for pedestrians.The study was done by a data visualization company called 1 Point 21, and used city data on pedestrian accidents. The company was hired by a local law firm, Trombly and Singer.

The study used the following formula to create a "danger index" for all of the city's intersections:

Crash (1) + Minor Injuries (2) + Major Injuries (5) + Fatalities (10).

All in all, there were 5,291 pedestrian accidents during 2009 and 2015, the period used for the data. The vast majority were in the downtown area, followed by Dupont Circle and Columbia Heights. But those areas were not necessarily the most dangerous, according to the formula.

Topping the list as far as "danger" goes was 4000 Minnesota Avenue NE, which is near the intersection of Benning Road NE. This site had ten crashes and nine major injuries during the time period.

The second most dangerous intersection was 800 Southern Avenue SE, just south of Chesapeake Street, which had eight crashes and seven major injuries.

To see the full list of dangerous intersections, visit the report here:http://bit.ly/2pXmYup