The white picket fence in front of a single family home in the Hillcrest section of Southeast is torn down, the porch steps are broken and in pieces, and there are tire tracks crisscrossing the front lawn. As bad as the car crash aftermath is, it could have been much worse because a daycare is just five doors down and the owners said they just brought the children inside when the crash happened.

“I feel like the accidents are getting worse,” said Jessica Rydstrom.

Friday's crash was pretty bad and it wasn't even noon. A car hopped the curb, took down two fences, and crashed in a front yard.

It happened in the 3100 block of Alabama Avenue, SE - the very same spot where three cars collided just five days before.

“I feel like we're taking our lives into our hands every time we cross Branch Avenue and that's even with a light,” said Rydstrom who was picking up her 3 year old daughter from Freda’s Beloved Childcare.

Parents said the whole stretch is a nightmare. The posted limit is 25 mph but residents don’t believe the speed cameras are really working. Not even a mom standing at the crosswalk with her kid stops traffic. We clocked it - it took Katherine Mello and little Eric nearly one minute before they could cross safely.

“Is the limit too high with the amount of pedestrian traffic coming through here?” wondered Mello.

“I was also thinking the District should install speed bump.”

Some parents are posting signs that read “drive like your kid live here” because their children do live and play here just a fence away from the drivers on Alabama Avenue.

The DC Department of Transportation is conducting a study but after we started asking questions, a DDOT spokesperson said the project manager will be "exploring options."

“There are a lot of young families in the area and a lot of kids and with summer coming there will be kids walking to the daycare, walking to camps, walking to the rec center a few blocks away and I just don't want something awful to happen,” said Rydstrom.