Looking for some extra cash in your pocket? You could be getting some if you're willing to climb out of your car and take a walk instead.

Some supporters are calling it the "sneaker subsidy." And at as much as $350 a month, you could buy some awfully nice sneakers.

The idea comes from D.C. Councilmember Charles Allen.

Here's how his bill would work: If your employer subsidizes your parking, he or she would have to pay you if you don't use your spot. So if you bike, walk, or take the bus instead of driving, you would get the money your boss would be paying for the parking space in your pocket instead.

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Mike Yastrzemski commutes into the city from Vienna, and he loves the idea of a biking credit.

“It's good for the environment; it's good for the city. It's good for everybody,” he said.

Allen admits the plan might cause some businesses to rethink how many free spaces they're offering to their workers. But he thinks cutting the number of subsidized parking spaces would still help the city.

Pediatrician Jenny Tender says the sneaker subsidy would be great for her husband, who bikes 16 miles each way from home to work. She's just not sure it would help her.

“My issue is just trying to find a safe way from my house to my work to bike,” she said.

But for people who can, the subsidy could cover a whole lot more than the cost of replacing your worn out walking shoes.

The council has yet to vote, but Allen says he has a lot of support. And he says the mayor likes the idea, too.

It would only apply to businesses with more than 20 workers.