Smithsonian employees gathered Thursday outside the National Museum of African American History and Culture to show their support after a noose was found.

The noose was found near the KKK exihibit inside NMAAHC Wednesday.

The workers said they wanted to show support for NMAAHC staff still reeling from the incident.

Lonnie Bunch, the founder and executive director of NMAAHC, said he was overwhelmed by their support and thanked them for showing up.

"I'm so moved you're all here. As you know we're family and it's so wonderful to see everyone come together at a time of pain," Bunch told the crowd. "But a time that reminds us that the Smithsonian is at its best when it helps people confront the issues that have divided us, when it helps people realize that working at the Smithsonian we get to make America better."

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