Those cuts to Metro rail and bus routes could stick around even longer thanks to a new proposal by the transit system's top boss. It's all an effort to balance the books.

Metro General Manager just released his idea for a $3 billion Metro budget that takes the agency into the middle of 2019. He calls for no fare hikes, but no changes to service either.

What does that mean for riders? If you ride the bus, routes that were cut in June are not coming back. If you take the train you're still going to have to wait longer.

GM Wiedefeld wants even little ideas shelved. One would have kept red line trains from turning back at Grosvenor. The agency won't even look at tiny tweaks to bus routes.

Metro also wants even more money from states. GM Wiedefeld wants them to cough up another $130 million.

Metro’s board sees this for the first time on Thursday. The plan could be adopted in July.