There are ups and downs; sadly too many people know fighting childhood cancer is a roller coaster ride of emotions.

Sometimes you feel surrounded by love like Ciera and her 5-year-old daughter Kayla did at an impromptu community parade and pep rally by the Woodland Tigers Football Team in Southeast, D.C.

But sometimes the prognosis is just too much to bare.

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“They say my baby has less than 6 months to live but she's prancing and dancing all over the's not true,” said Ciera Zanders. “It's so sad that we have to watch our children, our babies go through so much pain, at night she can't sleep, in the morning she asks what's wrong with me mommy? Why does my leg feel fake,” she said as she broke down crying.

Through the tears, Zanders is telling her story of her brave little girl and their battle to beat this cancer together.

Diagnosed in 2016, the tumor in Kayla's foot has spread the disease throughout her little body and her brain. When chemo took Kayla's hair, mom let Kayla cut hers.

“Mommy, I want to be strong just like you,” she said.

Mom is hoping for a miracle and looking for new ways to beat the odds through holistic healing and clean, specialized eating.

“I keep thinking I have to get her on a diet, I just don't know how,” she said, “I'm hoping someone out there can say 'I can help her, I can get help get her on a healthy diet for kids.'”

Meanwhile, she is counting her blessings; thankful for the circle of love and support from her community.

Just before news time, about a dozen 7D DC Police officers including Santa surprised them at home with gifts for Kayla.