A Southeast, D.C. community center is asking for help after it built a garden for children just three weeks ago.

The National Children's Center set up the garden so the young kids it cares for could learn about gardening and healthy eating. However, Executive Director Dr. Keesha Blythe said the garden has since run into some problems.

She told WUSA9 animals are picking at some of the vegetables that have already sprouted. She added that she believes some of the people in the nearby community have been picking at the plant and leaving garbage within walking distance of the area.

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"If they continue to eat our fruits and vegetables, we won't have anything to share with our families and the community," she said.

The center said it needs a fence to keep intruders out of the garden.

DC Councilman Robert White has also reached out to the community to see if anyone can help.

The center said if you would like to help, volunteer or donate towards the garden's cause, email kblythe@nccinc.org.