WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- As a music event honoring local music legend Chuck Brown draws closer, residents in the Northeast D.C. neighborhood where the party will be held are concerned about the expected large turnout.

There are no calls to cancel Chuck Brown Day, which is scheduled for August 22, but some people who live in the mostly residential area near Chuck Brown Park are worried about what the large crowd will bring.

A Facebook event page for Chuck Brown Day has thousands of people that say they're attending. 

"There's noise, there's trash, there's potential for violence when you get too many people together in a small place," Pam Murphy, a nearby resident said.

Not every resident is worried about what the potentially annual party honoring the godfather of GoGo music will bring.

"Just a day. You know, we can put up with it for a day," Ottis Row, who lives near the park, said. "I believe all the people will get together and just have a good time and disperse when it's time to disperse."

Some people aren't convinced that when the concert ends that crowds will go home.

"You got a celebration. OK, celebration, a couple hours, you say everybody pick up the trash, everybody lets go, that's it. The problem is after celebration [sic], the people stay there," Estban Ventura said. "I'm just a little concerned about how they'll shut it down and if it's going to be properly supervised."

Some folks suggest that the turnout won't be nearly as large as the Facebook event indicates. They say just because a few thousand people say they might go doesn't necessarily mean they actually will.

Chuck Brown day is scheduled for August 22 from 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. 

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