A top District official is accused of using her employees for childcare.

Allegations against Deputy Mayor Courtney Snowden happened more than two years ago, but the investigation results were just released this week.

Courtney Snowden is the deputy mayor for greater economic opportunity.

She helps with workforce development and small businesses in some of DC’s poorest neighborhoods.

A report from the DC inspector general’s office which was obtained by WUSA9’s media partners at the Washington Post revealed Deputy Mayor Snowden used her own staff as babysitters.

“The deputy mayor and our office gave the inspector general all that he needed,” Mayor Muriel Bowser said.

In August 2015, Deputy Mayor Snowden asked an intern to drive her child to a relative.

Investigators reported she admitted to it but said she paid that employee.

There was some confusion about if the task happened during or after the workday.

The report showed Snowden also confessed to having her staff pick up her child from school.

She also owned up to leaving her kid at the office while attending a meeting.

“We’ve dealt with them from a management perspective and we’ve moved on,” Mayor Bowser explained.

Mayor Bowser said her office took the allegation seriously but did not think it fit into the areas of waste, fraud, or abuse.

“I wouldn’t put that in that category,” she said. “Still we expect our staff to follow the letter of the law.”

Earlier this year, The Washington Post reported another investigation showed Deputy Mayor Snowden was one of several government leaders who got special treatment to get their children into the public schools of their choice.

In this latest case, Mayor Bowser told investigators that Snowden realized her conduct was inappropriate and showed remorse.

The mayor explained she has full confidence in one of her top aides despite the outcome of the investigation.

“We’ve handled these two instances that happened two years ago and we’ve moved on. Thank you.,” Mayor Bowser concluded.

There were also allegations that Snowden had inappropriate contact with former clients and retaliated against employees who raised concerned,

Those reports were not validated.