Neighbors are outraged and speaking out against the hate after racist fliers were discovered in a D.C. community.

Paul Vivari owns Showtime Bar. He believes the same people who hung the offensive flyers also ripped down his pride flag.

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"I think what they did was stupid and childish. It's stuff people do in high school and college when they're crying for attention," Vivari said.

Residents spotted the racist flyers hours after white nationalist Richard Spencer joined protestors at a freedom of speech rally near the Lincoln Memorial on Sunday.

A lot of Bloomingdale residents believe that rally has ties to what happened in their neighborhood.

"The flyer is offensive and untrue because it is actually not a legal duty to report people in this country illegally. Plus, how are you supposed to determine that anyway, the whole notion of flyers supports first amendment rights, but also supports the idea that we here in Bloomingdale don't want those flyers," said Andres Stargard.

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"They can come into Bloomingdale and infiltrate and put up stuff and leave, but I don't think it changes the fabric of the neighborhood or what we are about," said Vivari.

DC Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie of Ward 5 posted the following statement on Facebook:

“Let me state in no uncertain terms that bigotry is not welcome in Ward 5 or the District of Columbia.

I have spent my career fighting for civil rights and working to dismantle the legacy of discrimination that still exists in our society.

Ward 5 will not be intimidated by cowards who distribute these disgusting flyers anonymously, and we will defend and embrace the beautiful diversity of our city and community.”