As the Washington Nationals gear up for game five Thursday night against the Dodgers, fans are hoping they will break the tie and advance in the playoffs.

“So many people are like, ‘We’re gonna lose, we’re cursed,’ – I mean, I’m not THAT negative,” said Chris Cillizza.

“I would call it realistic with a tinge of negativity. It’s my natural view of things, I cover politics for a living.” Cillizza writes for The Fix, a daily political blog for our partners at the Washington Post and a frequent political cable news commentator.

But we weren’t talking politics Wednesday. We were checking in on his Natitude, though he said the two have a lot in common.

“A lot of stats, a lot of history, a lot of personalities, lots of nerds in politics and baseball,” he said laughing.

This self-confessed nerd is all in – committed to the hometown team. He said it’s a family affair.

“If you want to NOT make my kids sad, Nationals WIN,” he said. “At home, 20-game winner, one of the best pitchers in baseball.”

“8 to 10 to nothing in the first two innings,” the political pundit predicted.

But we had to ask (with a tinge of negativity) what will happen IF the Nationals lose?

“We’ll focus on Halloween,” he said. “I have small kids, so even though it’s not sports it will be a good distraction for 7- and 4-year-old boys.”