Proponents of The District's pot law think the Trump Administration's attempt to crackdown on legal pot sales are unlikely to cause any change here.

“They don't have a legal leg to stand on,” said Adam Eidinger, who helped write the 2014 law.

A three paragraph memo by Attorney General Jeff Sessions took aim at the Obama Administration's stance on state marijuana sales that kept feds from intervening. Just Monday, California became the first state to start selling legal, recreational marijuana.


DC's pot law lets you possess two ounces in your home. But here's the rub. The Home Rule Act gave Congress had the chance to shoot down the law, but it did not. Eidinger said that means it's unlikely the Trump Administration can do anything to The District.

“This is a bluff,” said Eidinger. “They've lost.”

Eidinger said this could be different in other states. But, even high-ups in the Department of Justice said they are not sure if this will change anything.