Are you planning to watch the debate?

Or are you so stressed by all the arguing that you're tuning out and turning it off?

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A new poll suggests this nasty campaign is making a lot of us nervous. So nervous, more of us are calling crisis centers looking for help.

The American Pyschological Association is actually counseling people who are too stressed to just turn it off -- especially the constant threats and arguments on social media. Or maybe just pick one or two sources you trust and stick with them.

“I'm definitely stress about tonight. I don't want her to say anything stupid,” said Rebecca Zimmerman, who creates some of those on line ads that make us even more jumpy.

But if you talk to just a lot of the people grabbing lunch on Faragutt Square, you’ll find some tension. “I'm just sick of it and I want it to be over,” Aditi Sen, a mom from Northwest, D.C. who says she cannot bear for her child to listen.

”I'm scared to death about the outcome,” Mark Caldwell, a lawyer and teacher from Denver. “It's stressful. I try not to be stressed,” Helen Woube, who works for a union.

The new online poll from Harris and the American Psychological Association finds 52 percent of us nationwide -- Democrats and Republicans alike -- think this Presidential campaign has been a very or somewhat significant source of stress.

“It's absolutely a thing," said Dr. Vaile Wright of the APA.

Some people are feeling so worried, they're calling crisis hotlines. In Delaware, calls are up 42 percent in the last four months. Sex assault hotlines nationwide say they have seen a 33 percent jump since the release of that lewd tape of Donald Trump and Billy Bush.

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It's even worse for those of us bombarded with bickering on social media. Some 54 percent of social media users said they feel stressed.

And psychologists say mental stress can make you physically sick. “Physical effects like headaches and stomach problems, trouble sleeping,” said Dr. Wright.

So what should you do if you're stressed? Experts say you should read just enough to stay informed, avoid arguments, try not to envision a catastrophe and vote.

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