Three arsons at playgrounds in the last 10 days are under investigation in D.C. and Virginia.

Most recently, a fire was set at the playground behind the old Sharpe Health School.

Students from Bancroft Elementary are using the building now, and although they weren't at school at the time, parents were.

"We were standing here and there was a lot of black smoke," said Dinora Padrino, who was at the school for a PTO meeting.

The fire started around 6:30 p.m. behind the school. Investigators said they know the fire was intentionally set.

It was a heartbreaking blow to the students, who just can't catch a break.

"I just feel bad, our original school is being renovated now, too. We really need this space and appreciate having it," said Padrino. "It's too bad someone didn't think about that before they committed that arson."

The playground at the Sharpe School had been closed for renovations and on Wednesday it was supposed to finally open back up for students to use.

"It was pretty devastating to find out the day it was going to be available it was unavailable once again," said Padrino.

Students in Fairfax can relate. Two playgrounds were set on fire in the last 10 days. One at Lees Corner Elementary School on October 2, then on Monday,the Greenbriar West Elementary School.

The playgrounds are both insured, but it may be a while before kids have a place to play again.

Students from Bancroft will use an alternative play space until their playground is fixed.

Although there is no clear indication the fires in Fairfax and DC are related, investigators say they're not ruling it out and they are working together.

If you have any information about any of the fires, call police.