Ross Yerger and his Italian Mastiff, Moby, were left with multiple lacerations Sunday after a pit bull attacked them a half block away from their home in the Parkview neighborhood of Northwest D.C.

The pair were on a walk along Warder Street NW when the leashed pit bull got away from his owner and bolted for Moby. Yerger said he knew that his 4-year-old Mastiff's life was at risk. He began repeatedly punching the other dog in the head; he forced his hand into the pit's mouth. But it was no use.

"I found out that regardless of the number of times I go to the gym, I'm not strong enough to do that. And so as a last ditch effort, I took my hand and shoved it down the biting dog's mouth," Yerger said. 

Edith Clemons witnessed the attack in front of her home. She said that blood was "gushing" everywhere.

It was Clemons' neighbor who helped save the day. He used a shovel to pry the pit bull off of Moby.

They are both resting and healing comfortably after having their wounds treated by doctors and veterinarians. Yerger, will, however, miss about two weeks of work.

Yerger said Sunday's incident is part of a larger problem of loose dogs attacking people and their pets in the District.

"I'm not for putting the dog down," he said. "I'm for proper training, proper conditions and proper management." 

The Washington Humane Society's investigation is ongoing. 

Several people in Ward 4 also met on Tuesday night calling for something to change after hearing about Yerger's dog attack. If the dog is deemed dangerous, the owner will get 15 days to comply with their orders or they'll seek a warrant to seize the dog.

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