A big change is happening for people who park in two downtown D.C. neighborhoods.

The District Department of Transportation has started a new pilot project to improve the availability of parking spaces in Chinatown and Penn Quarter.

The project will require some parking meter rates to adjust between H and E Streets to the north and south and 11th and Third Streets to the east and west.

"Parking meter rates on individual block faces will either decrease to $2 per hour, stay the same at $2.30 per hour, or increase to $2.75 per hour on the 91 blocks located within the Penn Quarter and Chinatown neighborhoods," according to a DDOT press release.

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The city is hopeful the change will lead to greater turnover of high demand parking spaces, but some locals are still curious what will happen when sporting and music events come to the Verizon Center.

"When there are events at the Verizon Center, that's not going to change when the lots cost 40 dollars," said downtown visitor Brian Stekloff.