About 1,000 people descended on the National Mall Saturday for the "Mother of All Rallies" or MOAR. Organizers said it was its first nationwide rally to unite in honor of America peacefully.

The group said its mission is supporting President Trump and protecting America's values, customs, and traditions which they believe is threatened.

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"I am here to protect the constitution of the United States. I am here to support President Trump because I have great respect for the American flag and I think what people are doing to this country like these hate groups Antifa and others are taking the constitution and destroying it," said Donald Whisman.

Counter-demonstrators showed up at the rally and made their voices heard. They said the rally stood for everything that's wrong with our country.

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"There are a number of us here who are not Trump supporters. We are just here to gawk. We see Trump as ignorant, racist and someone who is bringing the country in a fascist direction so there are a lot of anti-fascists here in the crowd," said Lacy MacAuley.

At times, arguments between opposing groups escalated. Police intervened. In all, there were more than 1,500 DC Police Officers on the Mall as well as U.S. Park Police, Secret Service, and Capitol Police.