A family with ties to the DMV has died after their plane crashed in Costa Rica over the weekend.

Irene Steinberg, her husband Bruce and their three sons, were on vacation when their plane crashed into a Costa Rican mountain. While the family most recently lived in New York, Irene grew up in Potomac, Maryland.

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She attended Churchill High School as a graduate of the Class of 1984.

Her friend Allison Stearns said she is still coming to grips with what happened.

"She was one of the warmest, most amazing friends, people, mothers anybody could ever want or know, Sterns said.

Stearns met Irene when they were both twelve. She said their bond grew so close that they eventually became each other's maids of honor.

"She never wasted time," Stearns said. "She always wanted to make the most of her life, and she did."

Churchill alum Jennifer Drake also knew Irene in high school.

"She was really thoughtful, and she really reached out to include people," she said.

One of Irene's sons, Zachary, also had many friends in the area. He attended Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore as a sophomore studying chemical and biomolecular engineering.

According to Hillel at JHU, Steinberg was set to go to Israel on Wednesday.

The University offered its deepest sympathies to his relatives and friends.

In all, 12 people died in the plane crash that claimed the Steinbergs' lives. The cause of the crash is still under investigation.