What will art look and feel like 20 years from now? One local gallery thinks you shouldn’t have to wait that long to find out.

Artechouse aims to merge the latest technology with artistic experience.

Co-founder Sandro Kereselidze said the gallery is the first space dedicated to immersive and interactive art in the world.

"I believe that we’re all artists," Kereselidze said. "And what we try to do, is we try to spark this creativity in society."

The current exhibition, Autumn Spirit, incorporates leaves that visitors have designed and projects them onto the walls.

The images respond to movement and sound.

Gwyneth Moon, who was visiting with her brother and mom, said looking at giant leaf people made her feel like a monster.

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"If I move, the leaves move with me; it’s magical."

It’s art that is only possible thanks to advances in technology.

In one hallway, leaves cluster at your feet. In another, the sound of clapping brings on a rain storm.

"I love the interactive nature of it. It’s really exciting, it’s fun, it’s different. It’s not like going to a museum. I mean, I love the museums in Washington, but this one’s really special," said Wendy Susswein.

Artechouse wants to entice all of your senses. In the evenings, adult visitors can download an app, and order fall-themed cocktails with leaves swirling around the rim.

The Autumn Spirit Exhibit is on now and runs through Nov. 5. It’s best to get advanced tickets online. They go fast. Artechouse is located just south of the National Mall.