Still a lot more questions than answers on a lost and now found party host and MC.

Social media blew up over the weekend as her family tried to find Natica Harris, 23, who disappeared after hosting a homecoming party at Howard University in D.C.

Harris is not responding to calls and messages on her cell phone still. And one of her sisters hung up on a reporter who called to find out if she was OK.

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Latroya Edwards did respond earlier to our sister station in Cleveland.

“When she just appeared, it was like, something was not right,” Edwards said.

Forty-eight hours after she disappeared, police at Virginia State University found Natica Harris on their campus south of Richmond, 130 miles from the hotel where she was supposed to be.

“When I first saw her face, her look was so blank,” said another sister, Teiona Harris.

Her sisters say she had no shoes, no coat, just a t-shirt and jeans. Over the weekend, thousands of people viewed Natica’s sisters' pleas on social for her safe return.

“People (direct messaging) us asking for money, stuff about her being involved in sex trafficking,” said Latroya Edwards.

Harris had hosted a party at a popular club called Rosebar on Saturday, then left for the Hyatt Regency in Tysons. When her manager got there, she was gone.

Now people on the internet are asking a ton of questions about what really happened. Those questions only deepened when Harris posted a video on Instagram of her hosting the party at Rosebar.

And unfortunately, at this point, we just don't know.

Her sister Latroya would only say that Harris "needs to get herself together." Then she hung up.

Virginia State University Police responded to a call and discovered a young woman wandering on campus. Police were able to confirm the woman was Natica Harris.

Harris has been reported missing over the weekend by her family. Police say Harris obtained medical care.