Blue lights illuminated the alleyway and crime scene tape crossed 51st Street, where Robin Fitzgerald was born, and ultimately, lost her life. Someone aimed a handgun and opened fire, targeting a mother of three, who just finished Bible study across the street.

“I heard the gunshots, and my first instinct was to call my baby,” Fitzgerald’s mother said in an interview Wednesday. “I heard no answer. Call after call. Then I knew, it was her.”

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Witnesses reported two gunshots in the 700 block of 51st Street, Northeast. It was just after midnight Wednesday, and medics pronounced Fitzgerald dead within the hour.

Her three children, 16, 19, and 23 years old, were comforted by dozens of neighbors as the shock of losing both parents took hold. Their father died from a heart attack years ago – they will now cram into a small apartment and live with their grandmother.

“She was born in the apartment building where she was gunned down, and lived here for all 41 years of her life,” her mother said, asking to remain nameless for fear of reprisal. “This was her street, and we will keep on living here, for her.”

Fitzgerald just returned home from Bible study at the House of Praise church, within sight of her home and the crime scene. Family members said she then visited a friend’s apartment, when someone pulled the trigger.

Metropolitan Police did not confirm reports that at least one person had been brought in for questioning, and a suspect description was not immediately available.

“We are a strong family with strong roots here,” her mother said. “We will go on, we have no other choice.”

Callers can reach the Metropolitan Police Department’s anonymous tip line by dialing (202) 727-9099 The number is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with further contact information also available online.