Lukas Umana, 39, told our Larry Miller he's tried of being overweight.

"Look at this," he said as he pointed to his stomach.

The business owner, husband, and father says he put on 20 extra pounds thanks to mindless eating. He often snacked on sweets and sodas. The added calories caused his weight to balloon and now he wants to do something about it.

He's using the new year, to new his commitment to health. Umana is changing his diet and working out regularly at Balance gym in Northwest, D.C. He wants to lose the weight before his 40th birthday.

"Once you hit that plateau of 40, I think it makes it a lot more difficult and I would like to turn 40 in great shape," he said.

Umana says the biggest challenge will be his diet. He's taking part in the whole 30 challenge--a nutritional reset where you eliminate dairy, legumes, processed foods and wheat from your diet for 30 days. Thankfully, his wife is helping him!

"Anytime, you're doing a diet as serious as the whole 30, you have to do it with your partner," he explained.

Umana knows the road ahead won't be easy, but he plans on taking it one day at a time, one step at a time.