Clergy, parents and high schools students met on the steps of Covenant Baptists United Church of Christ Monday to voice exasperation over sex trafficking in the District. An issue the group says has recently claimed 10 missing teens, each black or latina.

"Sometimes when girls of color are missing they are deemed 'runaways' and sometimes that prevents an amber alert from being sent out, they only send out amber alerts for those who are considered snatched or kidnapped," Dr.Vanetta Rather, founder of female support group My Sister my seed, said. "It appears that when its girls of color there's not this urgency."

Dr. Vanetta Rather and Pastor Dennis Wiley pose ouside Wiley's church after the community-held D.C. missing girls perss conference.

The group says the 10 girls are missing from southeast and southwest D.C.

Dr. Rather said that the 'uptick' of missing girls in such a short span of time--about two months--should be alarming.

In 2015, D.C. police's Missing Persons Unit received 2,425 juvenile cases. A total of 2,401 of those cases were closed with the juvenile located, according to their annual report.

None of the missing girls' families were present at the event, nor were any of the families contacted by Dr. Rather, the event coordinator.