A man who was recently attacked on a Metro platform has reunited with the Good Samaritan who came to his aid.

John Rowley suffered facial bruising and a broken hand after some teens attacked him at Gallery Place station last weekend.

Andrew Miller, 23, a law student at George Washington University, rushed over to the fight to break it all up. After that, Miller said one of the teenagers then started swinging punches at him.

Miller also received a bruise to his jaw, but he said he felt it was important to help Rowley especially after other people chose to ignore the incident.

"What bothers me is that I was the only person who was willing to step forward when there was a crowd of people there," he said.

Rowley appreciated Miller's actions.

"The word hero is thrown around casually, sports heroes, all sorts of heroes," he said. "This guy is a hero."

Rowley believes Metro should beef up its security procedures in the light of the altercation.

"I do think there are resourcing problems at Metro," he said. "Stations need to be better lit and there needs to be other security taken.

Metro previously responded to the report by calling it disturbing. However, the transit agency also claimed its real time cameras helped authorities catch the people responsible for the incident in a timely manner.

WUSA9 has learned there has been at least one arrest made in this case. However, the victim still asks that any witnesses to the incident come forward.