American University is no stranger to big-name politicians and policy makers. But when an Academy Award winner steps on campus—watch out.

According to several posts on social media, Matt Damon was spotted at AU Friday by seemingly the entire campus.

While several students snapped photos from afar, only a few got up close with the A-list actor. One student tweeted a video of her and a friend giggling and squealing with delight, while standing arm-to-arm with the star.

“Shhhhhhh shhh shhh, you gotta be quiet, you gotta be quiet,” Damon is heard saying in the 10-second clip.

Several students said Damon was on campus to check out AU with his daughter. It’s actually probably his stepdaughter who’s considering AU.

The university told WUSA9 they couldn’t confirm whether he was visiting the school Friday.

While some students were giddy with the news, others apologized for the star-struck behavior.