Dina and Wayne Curtis live in a corner house, which children pass on their way to school. It’s also a school bus pick-up spot.

“School starts tomorrow, and there’s going to be a lot of little ones walking around here,” Dina said.

But this weekend they noticed a massive hornet’s nest in the corner tree.

"We read the instructions and sprayed it at night. The next morning, we saw that it didn’t really matter.”

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They called the city at 311 right away. They were told animal control doesn’t handle insect complaints and to try DC Beekeepers instead. DC Beekeepers then said they don’t deal with hornets or wasps.

The wasps appear to be what are commonly known as white—or bald faced—hornets. They live in nests that can be about two-feet tall and house between 300 and 700 wasps.

They’re also extremely defensive of their home. They can sting multiple times and eject venom.

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The Curtis’ have decided to call in a professional to take care of the situation.

“We’re going to call them tomorrow and see if they can come out and deal with it,” Wayne said.

In the meantime, for schoolkids on Day One, they’ve put up signs everywhere to beware.

“If the wasps decide that they feel agitated, we don’t know what will happen.” Said Dina Curtis.