The news from Texas brought on a wave of tough memories for hundreds of people including survivors of mass shootings in the local area.

Maryland resident, Lisa O'Neill, managed to escape the Washington Navy Yard shooting in 2013. Twelve people died in that incident.

She told WUSA9 it is hard to see more shootings occur across the country.

"I think back to what I went through and I feel very sorry because it is a very emotional thing," O'Neill said. "It's tough. I don't understand why we have to keep reliving this. Why there's so many people in the world who want to go ahead and hurt innocent people."

She said with all of the mass shootings, she is worried some people may become numb to their impact.

"We've got to come together and we can't let this overtake us," O'Neill said. "We've got to be a country again where everyone feels safe and can go wherever they want to go."