New surveillance photos could help the U.S. Park Police figure out who vandalized several memorials along the National Mall.

The two photos show the same man. USPP didn’t say he’s responsible for the crimes, but is hoping someone recognizes him and gives them a call.

Five acts of vandalism appeared on the memorials on Feb. 18—twice at the Lincoln Memorial, and once each at the Washington Monument, the World War II Memorial, and the D.C. War Memorial.

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The graffiti had rambling messages in what appeared to be black permanent marker. On each of the memorials there's a strange mixture of ideas such as, "Jackie killed JFK" along with a reference to 9-11 and the words, "blood test is a lie."

Park Police said it appears the vandalism was committed by one suspect, who also targeted street signs and electrical boxes around the District.

A preservation crew removed the graffiti using a paint stripper that’s safe for use on historical stone.

The United States Park Police is currently seeking the identity of the below pictured person. If you can identify this person, please contact our District One station at 202-426-6710 and ask to speak to a Crime Patrol Unit officer, or call our anonymous Tipline at 202-610-8737.