The Capital Pride Parade brought countless stories of struggles and hope about coming out and finding love.

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Jay Price, who was buried in the crowd of marchers, says that being gay and marrying the love of your life is about more than just a choice.

"I think that's why a lot of gay men get married, because they were told its a choice, if it's a choice I wouldn't have chosen it, because it's hard, it's not a choice," said Price.

But one thing Price did chose, was to marry love of his life, Tim Ricker, in 2014. Sadly, Ricker passed away just six months ago, but Price says it was worth it.

"It was one of those pinch me moments, because I never thought it would happen."

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And even though Ricker is gone, Price continues to march for him and those who aren't brave enough.

"One voice adds to all the other voices. It's very sad and very real, not every story gets told, it's heartbreaking, it's unfair," Price said. "Love is love."