The Texas storm has displaced tens of thousands of people and probably tens of thousands of pets.

All across the D.C. area animal lovers are preparing to take them in.

At the Humane Rescue Alliance they are urging people to adopt the pets they already have, to free up room for the animals down in Texas. They're also preparing to send people and equipment to the hardest hit areas to help.

On boats, in helicopters, passed through windows, perched on shoulders, thousands of pets are struggling to escape the flood.

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Tens of thousands of animals died in Hurricane Katrina, and rescuers are desperate to avoid a repeat.

As they ran from the storm headed to a shelter, Brandon Olivarez and Tesa Rutherford grabbed a puppy who was all alone, scared and hungry. “She heard him crying,” said Olivarez. “And she ran back there and said, ‘We got a puppy!’” They named him Harvey, after the hurricane.

Shelters across Texas and Louisiana are swamped.

“Saturday, we started intake, and it’s been a blur ever since,” said Michelle Ingram at Zeus’ Rescue in New Orleans.

The Humane Rescue Alliance in DC is expecting at least a dozen dogs and a half dozen cats later this week. But the numbers could easily jump at any moment.

The shelter is hoping the region will step up and adopt puppies like Daphne, Darla, and Dylan, so they have space for refugees from the storm.

“We're asking out community, if you can adopt today, or even if you're thinking of adopting, come on down to either of our shelters,” said Stephanie Shain of the Rescue Alliance.

Surviving the storm and then the long trip up here to Washington can be terribly traumatic for a pet. That's why they really need someplace safe and comforting where they can shelter from the storm.

Several other groups, including the Washington Area Animal Adoption Group and Lucky Dog Animal Rescue -- are also working to help the hard hit pets in Texas.