After months of struggling to pull enough donations for a mission trip to support cancer patients in Honduras, a local non-profit got a big surprise.

Wright is president and founder of the organization that supports cancer patients, survivors and the loved ones taking care of them. She started the non-profit two years ago after going through her own experience.

"It's heartbreaking," said Wright, who has dedicated her life to helping patients here and abroad.

"It feels like all of that pain, being told you were terminal ,being told you weren't going to be here, those days of nausea and those days when you just didn't feel like you were going to make, it is worth it."

On Aug.6, Wright and her team leave for Honduras, the second poorest city in Central America. They will be visiting the Emma Romero De Callejas Cancer Center in the capital city of Honduras. It is their second annual mission trip. The one this year will last six days.

"Basic things that we take for granted like band-aids, bandages, gauze, and canes are all things that are a luxury there."

Wright got really excited when she saw a box full of ice packs.

"Honduras is extremely hot, so it's very important for them to be able to store their supplies in a nice, cool environment but also for cancer patients going through radiation." she said.

The trip means a lot for Wright and another team member, Christopher McCrae who is also a cancer survivor.

When McCraw was 18 years old, he was diagnosed with brain cancer. The right side of his body stopped functioning after surgery. He said it looked like he had a stroke.

"It was definitely hard, it was a struggle," he said.

McCrae had to learn how to walk, talk, even lift a glass of water all over again. It took a toll emotionally, but through it all he came out with a positive outlook.

"Just recently, I had to relearn how to ride a bike and I'm really excited about that," McCrae said.

He is also excited about this trip. With the help of Medical Supply Systems Inc., they now have at least nine months of supplies to take with them. Dawn Moss, founder of Good Girls Getting Better, an organization focused on empowering women both nationally and internationally, is credited for the connection. Other partner organizations have stepped in as well.

While the group is all set for its trip, donations are still being collected this Friday at the Paradigm Lounge in Upper Marlboro from 6p.m. to 10p.m. They are also looking for assistance with shipping the supplies.