Have you ever browsed through the girls section at a local store? Most of the clothes you see have ponies, cupcakes, unicorns and other traditional “girly” themes. Now two local moms are trying to change that.

Co-founders Rebecca Melsky, a teacher and mother of two, and Eva St. Clair, a stay-at-home mother of four, wanted to create clothing for their daughters that represented all of their interests including science, math, and adventure.

"I wished I could buy her an adorable dress she would love that also had a spaceship on it. Or a robot. Or a train. I wanted to honor her feminine tastes in fashion and her interests in space, pirates, and a host of other topics. But that type of girls’ clothing just didn’t exist. Those things were only found in the boys’ section of stores,” Melsky said.

That’s when their company Princess Awesome was born. The moms sell “girly“ dresses with gender neutral themes like robots, dinosaurs, bugs, and beakers.

“We heard that we’re not alone. A lot of girls want to wear both ‘girly’ things and ‘dinosaur-y’ or ‘math-y’ things, and a lot of parents want to be able to buy their daughters clothes that are both ‘girly’ and support interests beyond kittens and flowers,” Melsky stated.

“Princess Awesome meets that demand.”

You can check out all of the styles here: https://princess-awesome.com/collections