Advertisers at PC Retro, an obscure chain of resale computer shops in Maryland and Virginia, thought they'd try a new advertising technique to combat sloping sales.

"Grab savings by the PC," read the bolded slogan above images of slim notebooks in Friday's Express magazine.

"Donald Trump's phraseology was so perfect," Keith Silverman, Sales Manager for PC Retro said. "I couldn't resist that one."

The company has been working on bolder marketing tactics to revive their typically "vanilla" taglines, according to Silverman. He said he was tired of writing "back to school sale" and wanted to use the ad space to join the political conversation in a fun way and say "women shouldn't be objectified, objects should be objectified."

"We were thinking that with more amusing, topical taglines we would be able to generate more buzz and get people in our stores," Silverman said. "We think (Express) readers a double take and see the humor is intended."

But the ad left some puzzled and confused. Lynn Albers took to Twitter voicing how she was "appalled" at an ad mocking Trump's undertones of sexual assault were published.

"There has to be a line where we look at something as reprehensible as an assault comment that has triggered millions of victims to feel compelled to speak out about their own experiences, and has been triggering for many, and we say 'No. I won't go there," Albers said. "There has to be a line."

Express magazine, owned by The Washington Post, could not be reached for comment.

PC Retro isn't the first retailer to shock customers with risque humor. Department stores are guilty of it all the time. K-mart did it in 2013 in their "Ship my pants" commercial, which went viral overnight.

Last week PC Retro published their first playful ad reading, "Watch unlimited XXX films for free on a business grade laptop today."

Silverman said the company saw its sales increase that week, although he couldn't be sure it was because of his ad.