Some prominent pioneers of the civil rights talked to the public about their experiences with segregation Tuesday night.

Six of the nine members of the "Little Rock Nine" participated in a free speaking panel at the National Museum of African-American History and Culture. The Little Rock Nine integrated schools in Little Rock, Arkansas sixty years ago amid segregationist pressure to stop them from doing so.

Gloria Ray Karlmark was one member of the group who spoke to the audience. She said she will never forget the segregationist acts of the past.

"There are certain pictures of that time that are always in my mind," she said.

Karlmark told WUSA9 the country has made a lot of progress since her time in high school. However, she also believes it is currently taking some steps back.

"There is this divide that seems to be rearing its ugly head," she said.

Karlmark said she would like to see more Americans work to move past their differences.

"If we all pull together as Americans, I think we can make it better for us all," she said.