The Metropolitan Police Department held an emergency meeting Thursday night to address safe passage routes with parents in the Brentwood neighborhood.

Safe passage routes are in place to make sure students are getting to school without any problems. Officers are posted along those routes to ensure their safety.

One area of concern is the Rhode Island Metro Station. Some parents say their kids can't go to and from school without being assaulted, bullied, and sometimes even robbed.

Television cameras weren't allowed inside the meeting because some parents are concerned that if they speak out about the issue, their children will be retaliated against. Others were open to speaking out, hoping something changes soon.

"We want to try to put something in place that can prevent all this chaos that's going on, it's becoming an every day thing," said Debbie Steiner, a Brentwood resident.

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Police say they need parents and students to report an incident every time it happens.

"It's discouraging to hear that any type of activity is going on that may be discouraging kids to travel home safely and peacefully," said Assistant Chief Lamar Greene, with the Metropolitan Police Department.

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Metro Police were also at Thursday night's meeting. Several parents asked them to look into better lighting at the metro station and to install surveillance cameras on some of the older trains.

Parents say the conversation is just one of many they need to have before this problem is solved. Meanwhile, police say their priority is to update those safe passage routes to make sure their officers are where they are needed most.