The National Association of Broadcasters and the NAB Education Foundation unveiled a new toolkit to help journalists in reporting stories on sensitive topics.

Phase one of the “Awareness in Reporting” initiative focuses on race.  The guidelines, which feature recommendations from journalists and journalism school faculty, offer helpful best practices when reporting racially-sensitive stories.  The goal is simple – ensure that each day, journalists consult the guidelines through the newsgathering process to make a stronger connection to and provide a better understanding of their communities – especially when covering sensitive topics.

WUSA 9 and its parent company, TEGNA Media, are proud participants in the “Awareness in Reporting” project.

“This initiative today is about is we can do a better job of helping people understand each other and have more nuanced understanding and compassion for people that don’t lead the same lives we do,” said Dave Lougee, President of TEGNA Media.

Phase two of the “Awareness in Reporting” initiative will provide additional resources and guidelines for journalists when covering stories involving religion.