Eric Brian Brown, 45, grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina. He had a family, went to church and even bible study. From there, he had a 20-year career in the Navy. So, how can you go from that to an accused murderer?

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That is the question so many people are asking. Until recently, Brown was never on law enforcement's radar for anything. His criminal history was nothing more than a few traffic infractions.

Now, he's charged with the kidnapping and murder of Ashanti Billie. Investigators say Brown abducted the 19-year old from a Naval Base in Norfolk, killed her, and dumped her body just yards from the home and church he grew up in back in Charlotte.

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According to the Navy, Brown got out of the military in 2011. There seems to be a gap from that time until recently. What happened to him during those years, however, may be crucial to this investigation.

"What's happened to the suspect in the last months and year, they're going to really have to look into that. There is something that must have triggered his emotions or actions, and then this happened," said Steve Foster, a retired FBI Agent.

Whatever that something is, may have also triggered him to make comments about his hatred for black women. According to court documents, he told a witness he hated black women because they are "gold diggers," they are "hypnotized by social media," and they "only want guys with all the money."

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Brown is currently being held in Norfolk without bond.