At a Thursday Night Football gathering of the largest group of Green Bay Packers fans in Washington, national anthem protests remained a hot topic. But, in spite of a plea from player Aaron Rodgers, fans did not lock arms in solidarity.

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“It’s really a choice, and we just choose to not being that piece of politics into our environment today,” said Lambeau On The Hill organizer Noelle Sment. “Today we're just here to beat the Bears and have a great time.”

Tuesday, Rodgers asked fans to lock arms during Thursday’s game as a show of togetherness instead of division.

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Logan Alexander-Young said he considered locking his arms with a friend as the Star Spangled Banner played in Hamilton’s Bar on Capitol Hill but ultimately did not. He did, however, remove the cheesehead he was wearing.

“I think going forward it will fade out, but I think, in the meantime, it's an important showing of force,” said Alexander-Young.