A set of twins know all about twinning, especially when it comes to their love for service. The sisters, who you could say are service buddies are both Metropolitan police officers.

Victoria Gipson's and Ryan Evans' love for service started before they could walk, a release from Metropolitan police stated.

Their father, Anthony Gipson is a retired United States Air Force officer and aviator and wanted his children to understand the importance of having good values at a young age.

“They have been learning service, duty, and commitment to others from watching me and my service buddies caring for the American people without regard for awards or accolades for ourselves,” said Mr. Gipson, who has over 27 years in the Air Force.

Ms. Gipson used to work in a correctional facility in Maryland and then decided to join the Metropolitan Police Department.

“I enjoyed law enforcement but wanted more mobility,” said Victoria. “MPD seemed like a perfect fit.”

As for her sister, she decided to join in November of 2005.

The twins have always done everything together. They went to the same college and people always confused the two, which is something that goes on till this day.

“People always come up to me and say, ‘I have seen you before.’ I have to say I have a twin sister who also works for the department,” said Ryan.

Even though the community confuses the two, they said they have very different personalities and do different jobs at the department.

Ms. Gipson works at the Sixth District in the Administrative Office. She used to work as a patrol officer in the Sixth District, with the Prostitution Unit in the Narcotics and Special Investigations Division, and also at the Vice Unit as an undercover officer.

“Although she is younger, she is definitely the boss and she is the outgoing one,” said Evans who is 10 minutes older than Victoria. “As a previous undercover officer, she has an eye for seeing things that aren’t easily noticeable. She is knowledgeable about the dangerous side of policing.”

Evans works as a patrol officer in the First District. She worked in the Court Liaison Division for eight years.

“Ryan is very detailed oriented,” said Gipson. “I would like to see her become a detective or move up in rank. She likes to get things done and gets it done right the first time. She is very attentive.”

According to the Metropolitan police, there are several other sets of twins within the department.

Both tell us that being an officer isn't a job, its a career. You must love the job to keep coming in each day.