It is unlikely that felony charges will ever be brought against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore. Leigh Corfman alleges the abuse happened in 1979, when she was 14. Alabama law says she would have had to take legal action only three years later.

So that got us asking what are the rules for the D.C. area? We found out that Maryland, Virginia, and D.C. all side with victims of child sex abuse more than Alabama does.

Think back to big child sex abuse cases. It took decades for victims of Penn State Coach Jerry Sandusky to come forward. Victims’ advocates say delayed reporting should be expected and state laws must reflect that.

In Maryland, there is no time limit to bring forward a criminal case. Child sex abuse victims have until age 25 to bring a civil case.

It is almost the same in Virginia. There is no time limit for criminal cases. For civil cases, the limit is at 20 years since the crime.

In the District, the cap is at age 36 for first and second degree crimes, 31 for third and fourth degree crimes, and 25 for a civil case.

If you’d like more detail, you can visit Child USA or SOL Reform.