The heat can mean a deadly situation for children and dogs.

Every year, 37 kids die in hot cars, this year alone it has been 19 already. The latest child to die in a hot car happened in Tennessee. The baby was only 11 months old.

It's so easy to forget about these kids sleeping in the back, we wanted to see how hot it gets in a car seat so WUSA9 got a temperature gauge.


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How to keep kids safe in the heat

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We checked it every five, 10, and 15 minutes. At about five minutes, the temperature rose to 101 from the mid- 90's.

After 10 minutes, the thermometer said it was about 100 degrees, holding steady. And the temperature remained at 100 degrees after 15 minutes.

A child's body heats 5 times faster than an adult and a child can die when their temperature is 107.

Experts say cracking the window and parking in the shade is not enough. Do not leave kids or pets in the car. It only takes 15 minutes for a pet to sustain brain damage or die in a hot car.