Did you know your risk of breast cancer could be influenced by the type of fat your dad eats?

New research has found that the female offspring of male rats that ate a diet high in animal fats were more likely to develop breast cancer.

If their results are confirmed in human trials, it may pave the way for new interventions to reduce the risk of breast cancer that involve modifying a father’s diet prior to conception.

Do you want to have a ton of fun and raise money for women's cancer?

Well, you can do both at Canvas & Critters or the Cure Paint Night Friday at Vis Arts Center in Rockville Town Center.

You'll be painting a Critters' favorite, George Rodrigues' Blue Dog. The registration fee is $50.

Proceeds will help Critters for the Cure provide immediate emergency funds to women in need emotionally and financially.

Don't forget, every Thursday in October Ann Taylor is donating 10 percent of entire in-store purchases from 5 p.m. to closing and purchases all day online, to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.