The Republican nominee described the D.C. hotel as a way to work with the government and to get things done, according to our media partners at The Washington Post.

Trump made a stop in D.C. on Wednesday, where he attended the ribbon cutting for the new Trump International Hotel. Outside, protesters chanted and picketed, slamming government officials for working with Trump, who they called a bigot and a racist.

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bower took part in the hotel groundbreaking but did not attend the ribbon cutting. She said she believes Donald Trump needs to re-brand his business.

Many will argue the protest is why. Signs outside of the hotel, “Stand up to Racism” and “Boycott Trump Old Post Office Hotel,” waved up and down as drum sticks banged on empty buckets.

Protests took place once more outside of Pennsylvania Avenue’s Trump International Hotel. It was said the ribbon-cutting would be a short break from the campaign trail but protesters outside did not want that to happen.

"Racist hate speech is a very dangerous thing,” said a member of a group called Answer Coalition.

“They’re endorsing this pig. He’s got a nose for business, I’ve got my nose for business right here,” said David Barrows, squeezing the fake pig-nose he wore over his own. Barrows also slammed Hillary Clinton saying he’s voting green this year.

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"It's obvious people are unhappy with what he's been saying,” said a retired union member who said she’s protesting Trump’s apparent refusal to meet with organized workers at his Las Vegas location.

She also said they'll stick by laborers wherever he goes.

"He doesn't have a clue of what working people do,” said the retired union member.

The protest was a mash-up of activists and union members.

"If you're going to be out there complaining about what the government is going to do, then you need to be out there making sure that your voice is heard,” said Deborah Gaczewski, of Arlington. She came in support of Trump.

"I've heard the things he's said and I didn't hear them the way other people heard them,” she said.

"I do believe that he has a right to open his hotel and do a ribbon cutting. I don't believe he's a business person and he has a right to open this hotel in peace, without politics for the day,” said another woman in support of Trump.

She said she didn’t plan on being there, but quickly grabbed a protest sign and wrote her support for Trump on the back when she saw the crowd.

Since Trump announced his campaign bid, the project has been area of contention with two restauranteurs backing out and others vandalizing the property. There are also reports of Trump’s business trouble and room rates dropping at the D.C. site.

Others openly accused the Republican presidential nominee of using the campaign to promote the D.C. opening.

"I decided that it was a political event more than anything and I'm not going to be involved in a political event,” said Mayor Muriel Bowser.

Barrows, the pig-faced protestor, also criticized the mayor for this move and joined protesters calling for the hotel property to go back to the government.

The $212 million Trump International Hotel sits just down the street from where Donald Trump will call home if he wins on Nov. 8. The Trump Organization won a 60-year lease from the federal government to transform the Old Post Office building into a hotel.