For Jake Lloyd, DC SCORES is not only a job it’s his passion. Now, the avid runner is combining both of his passions in a #GivingTuesday run.

“We have a waiting list at DC SCORES of 20 schools,” he explained. “Can you make a donation to give a kid a voice? A kid who is currently sidelined so they can be a part of our program and experience the confidence that comes with standing on stage and expressing your inner most thoughts.”

DC SCORES started in 1994 and serves 59 schools throughout the District; and while running to all 59 might qualify as a marathon, Tuesday’s run is a bit more manageable at 11 miles and 11 schools.

“Jump in for 2 schools or 3 schools or 5 schools,” he said. “I want to get as many people involved. If I can make it fun at the end of Giving Tuesday and people do give – it’s a win-win.”

Lloyd hopes to raise $30,000 that will pay for 30 students to enroll in the year long program.

You can follow Lloyd on the course and join him. To donate click here.