WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- On Tuesday morning, a zoning hearing approved to operate Crumbs & Whiskers – a café that specializes in cats.

Kanchan Singh said this means a blue building on the corner of Wisconsin and O St NW will officially become the location of her café.

The first cat café opened in Japan in the early 1990s, but last year was the first time they showed up in the U.S. Now, from Oakland to Portland to Seattle to New York, people line the streets to have their coffee with cats.

New York's Meow Parlour is completely booked with reservations until May.

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Singh hopes her café will see similar success.

"How its working is that zoning determines whether we can have cats, and Department of Health determines whether we can have food. The zoning hearing tomorrow," Singh explained, "will basically tell us whether Crumbs & Whiskers can exist."

A lot is riding on the hearing, but Singh – who is working with lawyers – say she expects it to go in her favor.

"If I didn't feel good about the case, I wouldn't have, you know, launched the Kickstarter already and done so much of the work and quit my job," Singh said.

Singh admits, many people tell her this is all crazy, but her Kickstarter campaign raised $15,000 in less than a day – it's now raised over $26,000.

Singh hopes her café will be a place that benefits animals as well as the people who visit them.

"I want to give people what was missing in my life for two years, which was just some time to spend with animals without having to commit to taking care of that animal," Singh explained.

Crumbs & Whiskers, Singh says, will essentially be a foster home. The cats will come from a shelter and stay until they are adopted. Patrons can visit and play with the cats, and if they want, apply to adopt one.

The Washington Humane Society is already signed on as a partner, and tells WUSA 9 they'll be responsible for ensuring that every cat is vaccinated and appropriately vetted before they're allowed to live at the café.


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