Game of Thrones fans packed the Northwest D.C. neighborhood of Shaw on Sunday to celebrate the Season 7 in Westeros!

For about three weeks now, a Shaw pop-up bar on 7th Street NW has been taking you into the HBO world. It boasts four different bars, recreated in scenes from the Game of Thrones.

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The masterminds behind this also put on a special Christmas and Cherry Blossom’s pop-up bar. The medieval world is their latest work.

A ‘Knight Watch’ summed the organizer or ‘Lord Commander,’ Emily Cipes to talk with WUSA 9. Cipes tells us there’s a House of Black and White, a Weirwood Tree, a Fire Room and the big attraction, the Iron Throne itself.

Some say they waited around two hours to sit and take a photo on the Iron Throne. Others dressed the part and spoke in a language you may have never heard before!

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The Lord Commander says what’s exciting are the cocktails, all inspired by the show. “What’s Is Dead May Never Die,” is one of her favorites.

We found a kid enjoying the theatrics on Sunday.

“This place is really nice. They have some good soda here. It’s pretty much the only thing I could drink here,” he said!

One woman, Karen Roit, says she came from California and had to check it out.

WUSA9 asked her about her favorite series quote. She and many others answered, “I drink, and I know things!”

Whether you’re a House of Stark or Targaryen fan, there’s a banner and most likely a drink for you at the bar.

“You get to be part of it, and if you’re a part of the show or serious, you get to enjoy all of it,” said Craig Lewis. He came with his daughter who dressed the part!

If you’re a big fan, the bad news is the bar closed at 7 p.m. on Sunday so people could get home to watch the show. The good news is they plan to be at that location until August 27.