The 90th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival has come to an end, but not before one more day filled with fun.

The Southwest Waterfront Firework Festival at the Wharf hosted live music, food trucks, beer gardens, games and fireworks.

The blasts were systematic and went on for roughly 20 minutes. Each series of fireworks illuminated an otherwise dark sky. Thousands watched the show.              

“Oh, they were awesome,” one spectator said.

Another, as he stood on the “Z Dock,” a pier not far from the barge that launched the fireworks, said that the sound was “just phenomenal.”

Earlier in the day, local and rising musician Kenny Sway’s voice and his ban dubbed The Unknowns’ beat captivated the crowd. When asked what it was like to play in front of such a large crowd, Sway said it was “magic, man.”

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Adjacent to the stage was a long, single-file line of food trucks. And in true D.C. fashion, they showed out. Attendees stuffed their plates with culinary treats like empanadas, kebabs and BBQ.

“I just saw these guys, and they look fantastic, so I decided to get some,” one patron said before sharing a bit of his barbeque.

Booze flowed and kids hung out, chomping on cotton candy and drawing rainbows as the sun set.

The festivities at the 90th National Cherry Blossom Festival kicked off when the cherry blossoms reached peak bloom on the Tidal Basin in the middle of March.

It’s been 105 years since Japan gifted the cherry blossom trees to America.