Tenants in the 1300 block of Peabody Street, NW in Brightwood were given just 10 minutes to back into the building and try to salvage what they could from their burned out apartments.

Many left disappointed and hurt because some of their stuff was missing.

“Why would you do that do you have no heart,” Christopher Ochoa asked.

Rummaging through the remains of their apartments after Saturday’s deadly fire, folks managed to bag up some belongings, but Christopher Ochoa's family members said their valuable items were stolen.

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“I'm missing a Tiffany's bracelet that I had engraved with me and my girlfriend’s date that we started dating. My sister is missing a necklace she was given as a baby that's her lucky charm and my mom is missing her wedding band,” he said.

Still, some people who stashed money under their mattresses are out too. It only makes matters worse for families traumatized by the early morning fire. While they were thankful special police officers were on hand Tuesday as they retrieved immigration paperwork, medicine, cameras, and clothes; they can't help but wonder where was all this security when thieves robbed them of all they had left.

“Whoever is holding it, I would like for you to return it but if not you're a straight a**hole and I'm sorry for my language but it’s true,” Ochoa said, “I mean, you have a house to go to, you have a place you can sleep and go to and call home. I don't even have that as of now.”

A spokesperson from Borger Management did not return our calls regarding the allegations.