Dane Smothers, the DC firefighter severely injured after being hit by a fire truck while responding to a fire last week, remains in critical condition. He will undergo his fourth surgery this week.

The men and women who helped train Smothers at the academy shared their feelings about the rookie during Thursday's press conference.

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Sergeant Keisha Jackson said Smothers always wanted to be a firefighter. She described Smothers as quiet, reserved, very intelligent, and a high performer. "He was very proficient with everything that he did. If he didn’t get it right the first time, he would get it right the second time," she said.

"He likes to come to work, and do his job and do it well," said Sergeant David Youngman. "I just respect him and his family for the type of man that he is."

"He was consistent. He was contentious and he overall just cared about wanting to do a great job," said Lieutenant Bass. "Those are the types of employees we need on the job." He choked up while speaking because he was one of the people working with Smothers' the night of the accident.

His fiancee and other family members say they are grateful for the community's support.

The Maryland Police Department, several other law enforcement agencies, and local fire departments from the area have all been reaching out to Smothers and his family with encouragement during this difficult time.

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Officials said, Smothers still has a long road to recovery. He was slated to have a fourth surgery Thursday night.